What does NY Judge Ruling Really Mean?

Mainstream Media deserves the “George Soros Psy-Ops Medal of Dishonor” for the number they pulled on the American public yesterday.

There is what was said. There is what was perceived.  Then there is the truth.

While protesters (most likely professionals) are throwing their tantrums, the country is being told that our Evil Emperor Trump wants to deport everyone with a Green Card (wrong).

In actuality, U.S. District Judge Donnelly ordered a halt to the removal of refugees that have arrived in U.S. airports. In other words, they can remain for now. It is unclear where these refugees will be detained. Her order only affects the 100-200 refugees that were in transit at the time the law took effect. She did not rule on the legality of Trump’s order, and she did not rule on weather or not the refugees can stay permanently. She basically cleared the airports. She also did not clear the way for refugees to keep coming in.

But how exactly did she do this? If you read the article below, you will see that the ACLU (of course) filed a lawsuit on behalf of a citizen from Iraq. You see, the judge says that Iraqi citizens are guaranteed Equal Protection under the United States Constitution, thanks to the ACLU’s  Immigrant’s Rights Project. I wonder which President  sneeked that little gem in?

When the American citizens realize that Iraqi’s, Somali’s, and virtually every other terrorist has Equal Rights under our Constitution, they will most likely take it to the Supreme Court. Then this becomes an issue of interpretation: Originalist? or Naturalist?

I think we all know how this is going end. Thank you GOD!! THANK YOU TRUMP!



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