America is sick to DEATH of Hollywood & DC Elites!


Back in November of 2016, those who were paying attention were made aware of the rampant pedophilia and Satanism that envelopes Hollywood. Many tried to expose it, only to be mercilessly persecuted by mainstream media.

For the sake of the children and the country, we never gave up.

Donald Trump won…they weren’t expecting that either.

Here we are almost a year later. PRESIDENT Trump has gone after many of the low level pedophiles. We are still waiting for those at the top to be exposed and dealt with.

Harvey Weinstein has been busted. We are getting closer.

How much longer?

Let’s not forget what we have learned:

From Marina’s Gala Spirit Cooking Party:


*From James Alefantis Instagram


*The Exposure of Pedophile rings in London and Hollywood

*The Prince and the Pedophile

*They want to cover up their sins. By Liberty Vibe

*Is Pizzagate real?





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