They Want War to Cover Up Their Sins

There are those that question the veracity of the emails obtained by WikiLeaks. MSM would like us to focus on how the information was obtained, rather than it’s contents. So much so, they are willing to go to war with Russia over a false accusation. A war that could go nuclear.

What could possibly be in those emails that is worth the death of millions of  people to Obama and the DC insiders? Those of us that have read the emails know. The problem for the DC elites came on November 4th, when Anthony Wiener’s laptop was found.

Below is only one article that came out right after the information was discovered. There is an audio link imbedded in it, of an incredible interview by Eric Prince. Remember, the information that comes out immediately after an event is the best you will find. After that, it gets sanitized. They day after this interview, James Comey came out and said, “Nothing to see here folks, move along”.

In short, evidence was found of a massive child sex trafficking ring in DC. It wasn’t some little group of pedophiles. It has been going on for decades. It is international. It involves large numbers of our government officials at the Federal, State and Local levels. Thousands of victims are involved. The evidence is indisputable. The Clintons are at the center of it.

The information is disgusting. It defies imagination. It is so over-the-top, it is hard to believe. And yet …it really isn’t . Not if we really stop and think about where we are as a nation morally and spiritually.

*It is important to remember that the NYPD wanted to have a press conference immediately. They wanted to make arrests and make all of the information public right away. Then they received massive “pushback” from the DOJ and  the White House.

So much has happened since Donald Trump’s victory, regarding this issue: The hard evidence has been tucked away, to be brought out at a later date. Yet, we must not allow these crimes to go uninvestigated, and unpunished. It is impossible though, to deal with this issue until a new sheriff is in town. We also can’t give Obama any “new” crimes to pardon.

On the other hand, Pizzagate has exploded on social media. Anyone who cared to know the truth had access to it, and many people did. Mainstream Media produced what appeared to be a false flag, by hiring a crisis actor to threaten Comet Ping Pong. This allowed MSM  to and launch an attack on alternative media, and try to shut it down with its “FAKE NEWS” narrative. But it is too late…the cat is out of the bag.

Below is a collection of links, that contain some of the best information regarding the massive child rape, sex trafficking, Satanic blood sacrifice cult that has infected our government, and many other places in the world.

*Initial Reports

*Original WikiLeak email:

*FBI Investigator Doug Hagmann Interview: 11/2/16

*There have been so many great videos by citizen journalist. This is the best one I have found, that combines the research together in an organized fashion.

***The Pizzagate Primer:***


*Exposing the tunnels under DC


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