UN Resolution 5334 : What is Obama Really Up To?

This is not the first time that the United Nations has sought to divide Israel. But this is the first time  that The United States has abstained. As a permanent member of the Security Council, America’s abstention has always stopped the action cold. By stepping out of the way, it allows the General Assembly to proceed. The Global body will most assuredly vote to divide the sovereign nation of Israel.

While evangelical’s heads are exploding about the prophetic implications, the rest of the country might want to consider the other consequences that go along with this action.

This General Assembly vote will occur on January 15th. Before President Trump is inaugurated.

Coincidence? I think not. In 2017, the United Nations will be looking to elect a new Secretary General. Obama will be looking for a new job.

Here is the clincher: While the betrayal of Israel has extremely serious physical and spiritual implications, we can’t let this  distract us from what Obama is really trying to pull off. By  abstaining from voting on resolution 5334, he is saying that THE UNITED STATES HAS NO PROBLEM WITH THE UN RE-DRAWING THE BORDERS OF A SOVEREIGN NATION, AT THEIR WILL. Whoever becomes the Secretary General of the UN will be the King of this all powerful Global Governing body.

People laugh about the UN being a  “Lion with no teeth”. It has no real power. This resolution is the long awaited dental implant that the Globalists have been waiting for. Before Obama leaves, he is submitting The United State’s sovereignty to the United Nations.

Does Obama plan on gathering a global army against Israel on January 16th? Is he then planning on suspending the inauguration, and continuing his Presidency? Is this why he is passing all of these draconian censorship laws?

If this is the case, those who  believe in God need to start praying. Just because wicked people make plans, does not mean that God will let them get away with it.

This episode  of The Hagmann Report contains some great information regarding this issue: