Why Did Twitter Suspend Rudy Giuliani?

This was posted on Giuliani’s Twitter page:

img_4511Shortly after it’s posting on December 20th, twitter suspended Giuliani’s twitter account.

See this web archive:  http://archive.is/IDBh5

Within minutes Snopes.com was reporting this as fake news.

Snopes is bought and paid for by the Pedophiles. They are the last people I would believe.

I think there are a few possibilities regarding this letter:

Before we consider either one, we have to first consider some background information.

We know that Rudy has been very supportive of President Trump, and going after the Clintons. In many ways, Rudy seems like a good man, but something is “off”. He seems compromised. He has backed off of being a part of the Trump administration. He wants to help but he can’t. Yet he doesn’t appear to have had a falling out with Mr. Trump. The same can be said about Newt Gingrich.

Rudy does have a past, and it is compromised. It is tied to the Deep State, and covering for the massive Satanic pedophile ring.


According to this article, Giuliani covered for these people. This seems consistent with his Twitter letter.

It is possible to be aware of the vile things that go on in DC, and not go “all the way”. I am sure there are those who cover for them. Those who are willing to sell their soul, for seats of power. Giuliani pretty much admits to doing that. Gingrich probably did the same.

It is also possible to have a crisis of conscience. To have guilt eat you alive. To realize that even if it gets you killed in this lifetime, it is better to assist those that would expose them, and perhaps not burn in hell for eternity. I am hoping that is the case with Rudy Giuliani.

It is also possible that someone like Anonymous hacked Giuliani, and chose to expose him.

Either way, this brings out new information, and ties more pieces together.

Rudy Giuliani sounds like he isn’t long for this world, but that he is at peace with his soul. Only time will tell.