*Updated * The Price of One’s Soul

I am becoming a little frustrated with all of the gloating. Mr. Trump’s position as the President of The United States has not yet been confirmed by the Electoral College. He has not been sworn in. Have we forgotten that his opponent is the spawn of Satan? Not that I am afraid, or that I lack faith. But I do think a little sobriety is in order.

News reports have begun to creep out this weekend about cranky  Jill Stein, and her self-righteous quest for a recount in three states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Somehow, she managed to amass an incredible amount of cash in a very short time, for the purpose of these recounts; which she states are to support her quest for fair elections.  It appears to be more money than she procured during her entire campaign for President. The money came in steady, even increments, most likely from a bot. The funds were tracked to George Soros. Not to her supporters.

For whatever reason, Hillary wants us to put the blame on Stein, and Jill has agreed to this. As you read through this, and look at the photo above, you will see that Jill has truly sold her soul for cash. She is a whore for Hillary, just like everyone else in Washington.
The term “recount” is being used to throw off Trump supporters. We are so busy gloating, that we do not realize that a traditional recount is not what is happening.  Our kneejerk reaction to the term “recount” is to scoff, because we think in terms of sheer numbers, and we are quite confident in those. But this is not the grift Hillary is running.

What she is actually doing is hoping to “revise” and redistribute the way the votes are tabulated. In certain counties, the DNC are claiming that there is a  disparity between the Hillary’s paper votes, and Hillary’s electronic votes, to the tune of a 7% differential (and you thought they were comparing Hillary vs.Trump votes). They are initially saying that they want to reevaluate the votes do to their suspicion that the Russians may have hacked the machines (even though they admit there is no evidence to support such a thing). A thinking mind would say, “Wait a minute, Jill Stein opposed Hillary Clinton before the election, precisely BECAUSE of her position on Russia.” This is merely a ruse. I believe the plan will be to claim that the differential is evidence of RACISM! In order to make it fair, the votes should be leveled up (why not leveled down?) to make them even. When this “leveling up” occurs, Hillary wins these states, and she wins the election. All it takes is a few crooked verdicts, from a few crooked judges to go along with this. Perhaps these states were chosen because of certain judges? Then we have Paul Ryan to deal with. Might he betray us? Gee. I wonder. If it were up to the Supreme Court, you would think it would be a draw, but it won’t be.  Justice Roberts is a traitor. He voted for Obama Care. If it goes that far, we are most likely screwed.

Please reference this article from November 22nd:  This came out before Jill Stein  ever publicly announced that she was interested in a recount.


I am not saying that Hillary has this in the bag. I still believe it is ours to lose. But we are crazy to be ignoring this.

We also need to be paying close attention to the fact that MSM has been sharpening their sabers against Russia again. They are preparing us for a war with Russia, assuming their queen bee will be successful with her coup.

Every time I bring this sort of thing up to people, I often get the response: “That can’t happen! We will have a revolution if they try to steal it! We will come out guns a blazing!” I really want to throw cold water on these people. If we have to get to that point, we have already lost. Violent revolution is the outcome that the Communists crave. It is the reason why they are constantly provoking us. Bloodshed is not the solution to this problem. This revolution can be won without violence. We are almost there!

We must keep our eyes wide open. We cannot afford to go back to sleep. Think of all that our enemy has to lose? Think of all that we have to lose? They will not quit until they are dead. We must realize that we can never go back to the way we used to be. That carefree life was what got us into the trouble we are in. We must become the guardians of freedom, and embrace it as if it was the purpose that God created us for.



  1. All this is is a scam to make some extra money (who do you think gets all the legal fees?) and to undermine Trump’s legitimacy so that he will be less able to implement his agenda.

    They have no intention of finding enough votes because, by conceding, Hillary has given millions of people who have felt ‘forgotten’ in their own country a taste of victory. Steal that from them in this way and those heavily armed people will have no reason to trust the rule of law or respect the social contracts of civility that the corruptocrats use to as a shield against those they wish to harm.

    Their goal is not to overthrow Trump, the progressives have always been patient. Their goal is to make Trump as ineffective as possible and then come back in four years than risk setting off a true revolution that stealing this victory would likely induce.


    • Totally disagree. Trump is going to drain the swamp. It is win or die for them. They are done. Globalism will be set back 50 years if Trump gets in. And I do think Trump will get in. But not without another fight.


  2. Stop it for crying out loud. Stop it. It’s all BS, but they want you scared, nervous, hand wringing, whatever. Stop it.


    • I will never stop telling the truth. We have a habit of falling asleep at the wheel, and letting the enemy rob us blind. We are in a spiritual battle, and “name it and claim it” isn’t an effective weapon against the enemy we face. Trump is chosen and anointed. He has been elected by the people, but not yet elected by the electoral college. He has not yet received the authority of the kingdom. When all of these take place, he will be the President. When he does, and I believe he will, I will celebrate. For now, I have work to do.


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