image Finding Maddie

Many are by now, familiar with the Podesta brother’s connection to the Madeline McCann case. Citizen researchers have pointed out the similarities of between the Podesta brothers and the sketches done of the McCann’s possible kidnappers.

This short video is probably the best out of all the ones that I have seen so far, explaining the Podesta  connection, as well as their connection to Sigmond Freud’s grandson. This connection is important, and is explained in this video:

Now take a look  at the photos below: The child taped to the table in the photos is clearly a younger version of Maddie (in my opinion, judge for yourself). The picture with the green striped shirt was taken at Comet Ping Pong (note ping pong table legs in background). This was a screenshot taken from the instagram where all of the other damning photos were taken. If this is Maddie, that would mean her parents most likely had a previous connection to the people involved with this pizza restaurant.

Look at how she is taped to the table. She looks like she is submitting. When Maddie was kidnapped, she was put to bed, while her parents left the hotel room with the sliding glass door unlocked. They went out to dinner. When they came back, she was gone. Who does that? She was left without a sitter.

In all fairness, maybe a relative or friend took her to the restaurant. Maybe this isn’t even her in the photo. But things take a turn when you realize that the condo they rented was just a few short minutes away from where the Podesta brothers were renting Freud’s home. And WHY did the McCann’s just happen to visit Freud a week after Maddie was kidnapped?