Trump to give Clinton A Pass? Not A Chance!

Now before we get our panties in a bunch….we need to analyze Trump’s words, the context, and the entire situation:
Here is the CNN article from today:
Yesterday, Mr. Trump had a closed door meeting with the press. We know he gave them a dressing down, but we don’t know everything that went on.
We know that Trump is a deal maker. We know that he is sick and tired of their lies, and the fact that they are serving the Communist/Globalist factions by stirring up violence in our country.
He wants a peaceful transition. What do they want? They want their mother goddess to be pardond of her crimes. According to today’s news, it sounds like she will be. Or will she?
I encourage you to read what Kelleyanne said very carefully. She said that Mr. Trump will to not pursue the Clintons on issues related to the email server or their foundation.
Now here is what President Trump said to us: He said she is going to jail. He said he is going to drain the swamp. What does he mean when he refers to “the swamp”? He means the entire cabal of Washington Elites: Those that tap into taxpayer funded teat, and suck it dry. While it is true that the Clinton Foundation is a part of this, it is  actually a much larger enterprise. It includes a vast number of organizations and high ranking officials.
We need to stay calm about this. Mr.Trump knows what he is doing. Sometimes you have to give a little, to reap great rewards.
Perhaps by throwing this bone to the rabid dogs now, he can pacify their rage until inauguration?
Then…who knows? Could the Clintons have any other skeletons (figurative or literal) in their closet? If they did, there would have to be evidence. It would have to be pretty conclusive. It would have to be EXTEMELY damaging. An open and shut case. Something so big, that it could drain the entire swamp. Trump would already have to know about it, have it in his possession, and he would be so condfident of the outcome that he was willing to make the deal that he did today.
For more information on Washington corruption, I highly recommend this article:
It collates some of the best information that I have found. I know that many shy away from looking at it because of the subject matter. People are afraid of what they are going to click on. I will tell you now so you won’t have to worry, ok? We can’t turn a blind eye to this any longer. The victims can no longer be ignored. The subject matter is disturbing, that is true. As for graphic images, there is one section where there are three photographs. The first one is a sculpture in the Podesta home. The next one is of a cartoon. It is creepy and ghoulish, but it is only a cartoon. The next one is the one you might want to avert your eyes to. It is a photograph from a Jeffrey Dhamer crime scene. Other than that, the article does not contain photos of any child pornography, or children being harmed. It reads like a mystery/ mosaic as the pieces are being put together.
Some people are going to be really angry at Mr. Trump today. But I am not. I see what he is doing. I have watched him do things like this before. He is willing to take a beating. He is willing to have the people that should know him by now… people THAT SHOULD TRUST HIM BY NOW, think he has betrayed them. In order to do what has to be done. He sees that the ultimate outcome will be what he promised us in the end. By doing it this way, more good can be accomplished: There can be less violence done to his supporters. The transition can be more peaceful. His enemies will be caught off guard. Even the anger against him from the people that don’t see what he is doing,  will force the dialogue of the Clinton’s crimes out into the open. People that are angry at him will be screaming. “But you can’t let them go free! What about this? That? And the other thing? We will be emboldened. We will fight SO MUCH HARDER!
See what he did there? Brilliant.
I love Trump.
And all he had to do was be willing to allow those that would doubt him, doubt him. And be willing to take the abuse that comes with it, which sadly, will be great.

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