It’s Our Turn!


Gateway Pundit just posted two incredible celebration videos from election night. Watching them, it donned on me… we have allowed The Left to rob us, once again.

It was election night, and by 10pm, it was clear for everyone to see: Donald J. Trump was going to be the 45th President of these United States. In fact, those of us that have been with Mr. Trump since the famous elevator ride, have known this in our hearts all along.

Why else would we have put up with their abuse online, at work, and in our families? Why would we have put in so many hours “truth trolling” every lie that MSM could spit out? For some of us, it cost us relationships. For others is had cost them their jobs, money, and time. There were even a few that paid with their lives. Such is the case when one’s opponent happens to be a Clinton.

Which is why we were in the fight to begin with, right? We knew what was at stake, even if those around us could not see it. We knew the counter- revolution for our country had to be fought peacefully with information and votes, and this was our last chance. We knew that Donald Trump was our champion.

We knew that MSM was lying about the polls, and we knew that Hillary had been committing voter fraud on a grand scale. We also knew that Donald Trump was going to win in a big BIG way. We knew that the monster vote would trounce Hillary’s fraud and MSM’s lies. We were ready.

Instead of announcing Mr. Trump’s hard fought victory, MSM and the manipulative Clinton fraud machine decided to hold us hostage until 2am. Why? Perhaps she had a “chicken” to sacrifice to Moloch. Who knows? In the end, she conceded. But the hour was late, and we were exhausted.

By the next day, the Wicked Witch had dispatched her flying monkeys to protest her loss. We are still subject to their tantrums, and their pain. It reminds me of the “White Guilt” tactic that they used to manipulate us into voting for their less-than-qualified Community Organizer, Barack Hussein Obama. Now we are somehow supposed to apologize for Trump’s victory?

Not a chance.

I won’t apologize. But have they succeeded in squelching the celebration that we were entitled to? Yes, I think they have. I am tired of it. Aren’t you?

I am tired of our country having to pander to the lowest common denominator. I am tired of walking on eggshells, and tip-toeing around their precious safe spaces.

I am not a brute. I am not rude. I am an individual with my own opinions, beliefs and rights. They matter as much as anyone else’s. And I have a right to celebrate Donald Trump’s victory.

I plan to…Big League!


Thank you Gateway Pundit for posting these!

AWESOME VIDEO: Trump Supporters Cheer Victory at Trump’s DC Hotel on Election Night