WikiLeaks 11/4

*Here is the Link: Warning – Graphic

*Sorry America.. but it is time you knew the truth. This is going to hurt. But if we are ever truly going to heal, we have to know how sick we are. Why do I say “We”? Because whether we care to admit it or not, these people represent our elected leadership. We have also elected their so-called counterparts… and they are just as evil. Why has it taken so long for us to see that nothing ever changes, no matter which party is in office?  We have funded them. We have turned a blind eye to their deeds and corruption.  We have allowed them to educate our children. We have willingly turned our minds over to them.

God tells us that sin separates us from Him, and this sin becomes our slave master. Now God is laying our gross sin out in the open for us. So many have suffered at the hands of our complacency, while extremely wicked people have taken over our once free and beautiful country.

God has also said that if his people repent and turn from their wicked ways, that he will heal their land. The first step in this repentance is to cut the cancer of this wicked, corrupt, sick , government. We absolutely MUST drain the swamp. Our lives depend on it. Cancer grows. It consumes the host. We are being consumed.

I believe that God is showing us these things, so that we might be brought to repentance.

*Below is a copy of a handwritten letter from the hacker Guccifer. It was sent to Fox News, from Guccifer, who is in prison. It speaks of his feelings about Hillary Clinton, and what he discovered about her. 14884608_206578049779979_3349035392348944938_o14908197_206578239779960_4357826818091204100_n14991001_206578139779970_776921027934671236_o14991218_206577859779998_3337605401136022087_o

Here is an interesting News article on the case, and the battle between New York Law Enforcement, and the DOJ:


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