The Final Stretch: 1 Week to Go

So much has happened in one week. My basic thought pattern hasn’t changed much from last week. Although, we  do have a few more pieces of the puzzle:The big news of course, was the  FBI’s decision to re-open HRC’s investigation on the emails.

Here is my take: Obama and Soros (the Globalists) are hanging Hillary out to dry. Hillary and Bill have become a liability. The early voting was coming in, and Trump’s numbers are so big, that there was no way that Hillary could beat him. Not even with cheating. This poses a unique problem for all of them: If Trump gets in, they will all be investigated, and none of them can be pardoned.  Time for Plan B.

The decision was made that the Clinton’s had become a situation that needed to be “dealt” with. They also needed to manage the narrative through Wiener’s phone. By saying that the entire treasure trove of documents were there, they (the powers that be)  can say that they (the FBI) have finally looked at everything and found nothing of significance. They can say they found enough to indict Hillary of a few minor offences, and remove her from the race. Obama will pardon her, and she will ride off into the sunset.

At this point, we would expect the Democrats to inject Kaine into the race. I still think Obama has the audacity to insert himself. I hope he does. People need to see him for the man he really is. Kaine cannot beat Trump. In my opinion, neither can Obama.  I would love to see the ultimate WWF battle between Trump and Obama.

There is also the possibility of a suspended election, which I think the country should fight against. The Democrats knew they were choosing a compromised candidate as their nominee. They had other choices. Elections are expensive and stressful. It is not fair to the rest of us to drag this on any longer. We have other candidates to choose from. If Hillary is out, they can pick an alternate. We need to get on with it!

The above scenario represents the mainstream universe. In an alternate universe…

There are patriotic citizens that have made great sacrifices to tell the truth about the corruption in our government. There are others that have gone to great lengths to collate, verify and distribute important and damning whistleblower information. Some of them have been falsely accused. Some have been held captive. Some have lost their lives. But this information exists, in its entirety, in an unmolested state, not on a wienerboy’s  phone.

These citizens are in the process of methodically distributing this information to expose the corruption. It will come out, and be used as a measure of truth against the lies that the Wienergate investigation brings. We can’t let these lies bring us down. We have to be patient. Can you imagine if Julian Assange had dumped all of his data on day one? It would have been swept under the rug. Instead, he has treated the corrupt Washington Establishment to a unique form of  Psychological Waterboarding:  drip…drip…drip!

There are two things going on right now: First and foremost, we must get Trump elected! That means vote. That means we must overcome and expose election fraud. All of our energy needs to be poured into this the upcoming week. For information on how I believe this can be done, see here:    and here:  .

Secondly, Let the swamp draining commence! This will take time. Information will be exposed. Much will depend on the outcome of the election. Time will tell. Lets Make America Great Again!