Dearborn, Michigan: First American Caliphate

One only needs to look at the city of London to see how this process works:

An unsuspecting, spoiled, and dumbed down western population went to sleep. While asleep, they forgot to lock the doors that guard their freedom. Their enemy came in and kicked out their Christian God, took over their education system and shunned traditional family norms. These radicals talked them into sacrificing their babies on the altar of Baal. Their government is slowly taken over by left-wing radicals…some of which pose as members of the old guard.
Their predominantly white population is then re-educated into the faith of White-Guilt and Political Correctness. Two generations are constantly fed the lie that they should be ashamed of their light skin tone, and prosperity. This brainwashing, convinces them that they owe ANYONE with brown skin something.

Not something…everything.
With the population primed for take-over, the Leftist Radicals use Affirmative Action to stack the judiciary with Muslim sympathizers.  They use White Guilt to dupe the country into electing a radical Muslim Jihadi as their President (The citizens will not even care if he is natural born). They will be frenzied over their act of penance: “We’ve elected a black President, now can we be forgiven for our whiteness?”  Sorry…not a chance. There is no mercy when Satan in charge. He wants more. When he has taken everything you have, you will be cast aside.
At this point, re-population begins. Under the precept of white-guilt, hundreds of thousands of Muslim Radicals are brought in as “refugees”. At a certain point, their population grows in a given area, and they begin to run for political offices. Eventually, they reach high places of leadership. When this occurs, they will declare that city to be a Caliphate, under Sharia law.
Dearborn, Michigan is the first American city to fall to Islamofication. They are currently in the “running for lower and mid-level political office” stage. America on the whole is being inundated by the influx of refugees. Right now, the sleeper cells are just “settling” in.

For America…our decision is  November 8th.  What is it going to be? Are we awake yet?

*Setting Up the Caliphate In America

*Sharia Law has Completely Taken Over Dearborn, Michigan



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