The Final Stretch

by Liberty Vibe

Today is October 24, 2016.

On June 16, 2015, Donald J. Trump blew fresh air into the fetid stench of the American political landscape. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Many of us had long given up hope in our corrupt political system. There was no point in voting for anyone in the Uniparty.

At the time, I remember thinking that for whatever reason, Trump was confident he could win. I knew he was exceedingly brilliant, in spite of his Bronx accent. I knew his eyes were open to the corruption in our country. He is also practical, and he hates wasting money. When he said he was going to put his own money in the race, he was saying, “I’m running for President, and I’m willing to bet on my victory!” So much so in fact, he started building a world class hotel down the street from the White House. Apparently he knew the White house was going to be in great disrepair when he moved in. If the Obama’s are anything like the Clinton’s, they will loot the place. Trump made sure the opening date was slated for October 2016. The point is: the guy is planning on winning.

From the very beginning, I wondered how in the world Trump was going to overcome the Clinton’s historic record of election fraud. Hillary and Bill wrote the book in the early Arkansas days. The Establishment Republicans, Democrats and the Globalists have taken their cue world-wide, and used their tactics, electronic voting machines, and manipulation by the press to take over entire countries (Venezuela). They have experienced decades of unopposed success. (Oh… a few individuals have tried, but they always seem to commit suicide). In the minds, of these Globalists, they can’t lose.

I had also wondered what Trump was planning on doing if he did win, knowing that Obama would never let the transfer of power happen peacefully. It has become painfully obvious to most of us Americans that Obama hates us. What was to stop him from starting WWIII, or declaring martial law, or starting a race war between the election and Inauguration Day?

Let’s just assume for a moment that Trump could overcome all of these obstacles. What about all of the corrupt politicians in DC?

Thanks to Donald Trump, and his unique way of communicating, the corrupt Globalist Establishment has been exposed. Here is what many of us have known, but could never prove: That we are being run by a Shadow Government that is operating above the law. They have no regard for our Constitution or the American people. This has become plain for all to see, as Obama rules our country like a dictator. He issues one Executive Order after another, and no one stops him. All of his edicts are unconstitutional, and illegal. The Shadow Government was completely laid bare last summer when FBI Director Comey laid out the laundry list of Hillary Clinton’s guilt, and then said she wouldn’t be indicted. He then had the audacity to say that anyone else doing such-things would be.

How did we get here? How was the Shadow Government formed?

This video is fairly short (10 minutes) and explains who did it, when they did it, how they did it, and how they funded it.

Won’t these corrupt individuals in Congress, the FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, and God knows who else – oppose a Trump Administration and block everything he tries to do? The answer is: Not if they are in jail, and they are replaced by newly elected, uncorrupted individuals.

In short: Trump has two weeks to:

Overcome the election fraud obstacle, and have Hillary, Obama, Biden, possibly Paul Ryan unseated from power (this could only happen if their crimes are so great that they have to be arrested, AND the people are actually willing to do it).

If Obama’s crimes are discovered and uncovered, it will expose and uncoil the whole web of corruption throughout the entire Establishment, and Judicial system in the country. Obama is the key to unravelling it all.

Can it be done? I think there are forces at work who believe it can. I am looking at this like a chess board, and this is what I see:

*Bernie Sander’s voters are suing Hillary Clinton in the State of California, for election fraud. The object of these lawsuits is to have the Primary Delegates overturned. Do I believe these people actually think they are going to achieve that? No. I think their goal is to have their voices heard. I think they know they were robbed, and they are really angry. No one is standing up for them, so they are standing up for themselves.

*Throughout the year, Hillary Clinton’s criminal offenses have been exposed. Thanks to WikiLeaks there are plenty more to come. Assange says he is saving the best for last.

* Many of the WikiLeaks implicate President Obama, and other members of the government in criminal acts. All of these actions by President Obama, would land any average citizen in jail. Obama is operating within the illegitimate Shadow Government, and therefore regards himself as above the law. The question is: Do we?

* Aside from the day to day treason and espionage, there is a significant amount of election fraud and racketeering evidence in Hillary’s emails.

*Project Veritas is releasing videos that have serious evidence of massive election fraud, violence, racketeering on the part of the DNC. The implications are staggering. The fact that the DOJ and President Obama are silent on the criminal acts implicates them as co-conspirators.


*The last month of the election, Donald Trump has been campaigning heavily in Florida, where he is very popular. Florida is an interesting state. It has a high number of Electoral College votes. It is considered a swing state. It has early, absentee voting, it has a history of voting fraud, and it is a state controlled by the Bush Crime Family. Whoever wins Florida will be the 45th President of the United States.

At each rally, Mr. Trump has been saying something very strange…he has been telling people, especially in Florida, to vote early. This statement doesn’t sit right with the average Trump voter. You see, we know that when you have a crooked state, the last thing you want to do is vote early (and Trump KNOWS we know better). It gives the crooks time to mess with your ballot. Trump knows this too. They are already counting the Florida votes and giving early reports. So why would he want to give the crooks the opportunity to mess with our votes? We have already heard about the dead people voting, the illegals voting, and the same people voting multiple times. But what happens with absentee ballots? The early ballots are opened up. If they don’t like the result, they simply throw them out. Or they count them in an electronic voting machine that flips the vote from Trump to Clinton.

This is what I think is going to happen:

Team Hillary has two little problems: stupidity and arrogance. They are so full of themselves. They go overboard. They are cheating so bad in Florida, that I think we are going to get some very interesting early election numbers before Nov. 8th. It is quite possible that Hillary Clinton could win the state of Florida before November 8th with votes that exceed the total population of the state of Florida. Don’t forget that there is HUGE Trump love in Florida. The biggest turnout for Trump rallies were in the state of Florida. If this happens, Trump will cry foul. He will not let it stand. The whole country will not be able to deny it. Every state’s election will be undermined when this happens.

Right around the time of this revelation, the absolute worst of the criminal activities of the Clintons will be released. Obama will be forced to indict her to save face, and he will do it. Yes, she is the Queen Bee. But she is ill. She has screwed up so bad. There is no love lost between Obama and Hillary. Make no mistake…these people will stab each other in the back in a heartbeat, to save their own skin. But who to put in her place? The people want Bernie. Obama wants the job for himself (or Michelle). The Obama’s can’t control Bernie.

Before Obama can make the decision, the final WikiLeaks will drop info on the Obamas, Joe Biden, and possibly Paul Ryan. This will be the thing that brings down the whole Shadow Government. It will cause the arrests of these people. It will cause us to acknowledge that Sanders is the legitimate Democrat nominee. We will have to nullify all early voting do to possible corruption in all states. All votes for Hillary will have to be made void because she will no longer be on the ballot. There will be no way to know if the corruption in Florida has occurred in other states.

No one would argue if Bernie is on the ballot. Especially if California could rule in favor of the Bernie Sanders voters. Let’s face it: The whole country heard the mainstream media call the California primary a “win” for Clinton the night BEFORE the California Primary vote. That alone proves it was rigged. The WikiLeaks prove MSM is colluding with the Hillary Campaign. If you give Bernie California, and take away Clinton’s phony Super Delegates, the nomination is his.

On November 8th, we could have an election. On the ballot would be Trump, Sanders, Johnson, and Stein. They would have to be paper ballots only. People would have to go to the polls. They would have to be citizens and they would have to show ID. It’s the only way. There would be so much suspicion of the Democrat party, that the Republican Party would demand dual oversite of the ballot count. It should be this way anyway. All parties should care enough to oversee the integrity of our elections. We have now seen what happens when we don’t.

On November 9th, whomever is left of the Congress will have to elect a new Speaker of the House (assuming Paul Ryan is in jail, which he should be), and that person will have to be our interim President until Trump (or whoever wins) can be inaugurated. This Speaker will work with Trump during the transition of power phase, as well as the indictment phase of those in the Shadow Government, which I think will be a daunting task. We will also have to have new elections to fill their vacancies. There will be so much work to do.

The reason why I believe that Trump would win in this scenario instead of Sanders, is because I believe Sanders has proven himself to be a spineless schmuck. If what I put down here actually transpires, it will take a real man, a General Sherman, to drain the swamp. Getting him elected has been quite a battle. The war however, is far from over. Why in the world would we abandon the man who gave us our country back? I don’t think we will.




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