Goodbye, Philippines…

President Obama’s miserable foreign policy, combined with decades of Neocon bullying, has cost us a critical foreign alliance.  The Philippines are making  new friends, while the American news media keeps it’s citizens in the dark. We have to look to the foreign press to find out what is going on in our own country:

Philippines Severs Relationship With United States:

Meanwhile, China is building a military base on made-islands in the South China sea:


You may remember Obama attended the G20 summit in September. He was treated to a cold reception when he landed in China: They forced him to walk out of the cargo hold of Air Force One!

Wait Until You See How the Chinese Humiliated President Obama

China forces Obama to exit Air Force One out of the cargo hold.

On October 20th, 2016, President Duterte, of the Philippines, made a visit to China. Note the stark difference in the his reception, compared to President Obama’s.  At the meeting , China  and The Philippines entered into a 13.5 billion trade agreement.

China welcomes Duterte.

To those of us with critical thinking ability… we must ask a few questions: Why is China building man made-islands in the South China Sea, and why are they building military bases on them? Why would China feel the need to disrespect Obama in such a way? If you ask the average Millennial today, they would probably tell you that China is just being racist.

Why is Mainstream Media  more concerned with creating the false narrative that we simply must go to war with Russia, even though they have no evidence a threat?  The Obama Regime, The Clintons, and the Shadow Government have created a very dangerous world. The Mainstream Media has become their Propaganda Ministry. Where are the self righteous, social justice, anti-war protesters from the Left? Their silence is screaming hypocrisy.

American has a few short weeks to wake up and decide if it wants a future of absolute war, or an attempt at peace.








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