WikiLeaks: Update 11 (thru 10/27)


*General WikiLeaks update as of 10/27/2016

HERE IT IS=> Detailed List of Top Wikileaks Podesta Emails (Update 12)

*Paul Ryan exposed in Pay for Play

Clinton Campaign Circulated Paul Ryan Relative as Possible Supreme Court Pick

*Eric Braverman-Former Clinton Campaign CEO turns out to be a Mole

WIKILEAKS: CLINTON FOUNDATION CEO WAS MOLE via Podesta Email – Ousted at Foundation

*Obama KNEW about Hillary’s server and Lied about it!

WIKILEAKS: POTUS Obama Caught Lying– He Knew About Hillary’s Private Server, Lied Anyway

*Mainstream Media Reporters Meet and Coordinate with Campaign

THE WIKILEAKS LIST: At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting with and/or Coordinating Offline with Top Hillary Advisors

*Hillary used fake polls to manipulate Bernie.

Confirmed: Wikileaks Documents Prove Hillary Used Crap Polls to Suppress the Bernie Vote

*Discourage Trump voters with crap polls

LEAKED CLINTON DOCUMENTS: Discourage Trump Supporters with Crap Polls (Updated)

*Gloria Allred met with Bimbos in May to plan Trump attacks

Wikileaks: Trump Accusing Attorney Gloria Allred Helped Write Propaganda for Hillary Campaign





  1. NBC has an Arnold Schwarzenegger PROBLEM. What are they going to do about their new Celebrity Apprentice Host who is a KNOWN WOMANIZER, GROPER, Adulterer, Philanderer, and overall Nasty Man?

    I’m playing fair and balanced here. Since TRUMP & Billy Bush are no longer pristine enough for NBC, it’s time to clean up their house, pun intended.

    I knew the minute they announced who the “replacement” host was, I would NEVER EVER watch the show again. I don’t care if TRUMP owns a piece of it.

    An Encyclopedia of Every Other Awful Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Done
    by John Cook
    19 May 2011

    Schwarzenegger admits habit of keeping secrets, including multiple affairs
    2 Oct 2012


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