October Hoax?

Many Christians have been encouraged by the fireman’s prophecy about Trump. It was released on a Christian news show called Trunews, last Spring. It went viral, and it has encouraged thousands of Christians regarding this election. Why? Because so far, every detail of it has come true.

Fireman’s Prophecy

It’s influence on the Christian community had been so great, that I believe the enemy has caught wind of Mark Taylor’s “Trump prophecy”, and is trying to discredit it, Trunews, Trump Supporters, and Ultimately Trump, by putting a hoax out there.
Last week, I watched a new video that showed up on my feed. Since I am a Trunews fan, my ipad knows my preferences. It connected the fireman Mark Taylor that was on Trunews, to the Mark Taylor of the Columbine School shooting.
There was a student of the same name who was shot in 1999, at Columbine. He was a bright, Christian kid who miraculously survived. He wrote a book afterwards, attacking Big Pharma, and the fact that so many of these kids involved in mass shootings are on anti- depressants. While researching the book, he also uncovered a scandal that the shooters had been previously arrested, drugged, and raped by the police, in the January before the Columbine shooting. This  boy had stepped on the wrong toes. He was later incarcerated, and put into a mental hospital against his will, where he was drugged and abused. The first video lays all of this out, and then says that this boy from Columbine is the same guy as the Fireman Mark Taylor from Trunews. It then plays some glorious churchy music, isn’t God great to redeem and use this boy etc… The only problem is…the boy from the videos is really a young man. His voice isn’t the same as the voice of Mark Taylor the Fireman. Also, their stories and ages don’t match up.
I then found another video (#2). It shows the same kid, two years after he got out of mental institution. He is really messed up. Drugged. Zombielike. Nothing like our fireman. Also, if you listen to the story, the dates don’t match right. Our fireman seems older. The mother says he was incarcerated in Colorado. She is using the video to ask for money.
The third video highlights the attorney/ representative that was supposedly helping Taylor family get Mark out of the mental institution….in Arizona. They are also asking for money.
I have know idea what is going on with the Columbine Taylors, but I know these videos make them look like scam artists.

Watch 1st : This is the video that appears to tie the Columbine Mark with the Fireman Mark. The video isn’t produced by Trunews, but it is produced in such a way, to make it look like it is.
The Set Up

Watch 2nd: This is the video of the Columbine Mark, after he has been messed up. Notice the plea for money doesn’t come from the Taylor’s directly, but is added by the video producer, to make them look like scammers.
Mark no more

Watch 3rd: The guy being interviewed in this story tells a completely different version of the facts (different state, completely different tale of Mark’s kidnapping). Makes Mark and his mom look like white trash, Christian nut jobs. All the while, tying it back to discredit the Columbine Taylor’s, our fireman, Trunews, and of course Trump and his ‘deplorable supporters’.

The hoax

Can you see Rachel Madow spelling this scandal out for us, and telling us what to think, right before the election?  They will say that Trump planned the whole thing to trick the Evangelicals. The thing is..The fireman isn’t this poor Columbine kid! If this can be proven, than their whole hoax falls apart.

So we have decades of political corruption at the police and Big Pharma levels, rampant child rape sex abuse and drugging, manipulation and lies to smear Christians, while covering up their own crimes. Gee…who does this sound like?