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US Charter Schools and Muslim Cleric

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Islam link to Charter Schools

Gulen : Imam behind charter schools

Turkish Purge (Read 8th paragraph!)

What is really going on in Turkey’s Civil War?
Two Muslim factions are fighting each other for control.

Prior to the July 2016 coup attempt, Tayyip Erdogan was the recognized ruler of NATO member, Turkey. He is is known for having ties with the Muslim brotherhood. Endrogan ties to Muslim Brotherhood

Fethulllah Gulen is a Muslim cleric who lives in Pennsylvania. He is the assumed leader of the military coup attempt that occurred on July 16th. He is also the founder of Harmony and Magnolia STEM charter schools in America. Reports have been leaking for some time now that these schools are front organizations for radicalizing American school children. American parents believe they are giving their children a ‘leg up’ in academics at these schools. They have no idea what is really going on. These charter schools are taxpayer funded, and largely employ H1 B workers from… you guessed it…Turkey. Fatuleh Gulen was also a major contributor to the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Erdogan and Gulen are rivals. Erdogan has stated that he believes Gulen is responsible for the Turkish coup attempt. Remember, that during the coup attempt, Erdogan made a harrowing escape. It is pretty obvious he was warned ahead of time. This allowed him enough time to crush the coup before it had a chance to be successful.

There is so much more to this political landscape, and we need to make sure we have a solid grasp on it:

Remember: Prior to the US election, Hillary, Obama and the Neocons were desperately hoping for a massive war with Russia. They were using the “Humanitarian Crisis of Syria” as their excuse. Note that Turkey is strategically located in this situation. It is a NATO country, and it is home to the critical Incirlik Airforce Base.

Erdogan has his own ideas about Turkey’s position in the Global Economy. These “ideas” are far from innocent. He is a radical Muslim tyrant.

Gulen (because of his ties to Clinton, Obama and the Globalist Leftwing), would be a more suitable leader for the Globalists to deal with. In short, it greatly benefitted Hillary Clinton to have Gulen installed in Erdogan’s place. If she had been successful, she and Obama could have started their war with Russia, and the world would be a very different place right now. Most likely, President Trump would not have won, and the entire world would be involved in a horrific war.

So the question is…who tipped off Erdagon? Who had the foresight to see that the entire world would be owned by Hillary Clinton if that coup had been successful? We do not have the answers to these questions, but I believe the Democrats believe it was Michael Flynn. That is why they are out for his blood.

Why is Incirlik Air Force Base so  important? Here is one reason:

As a NATO member, the US participates in a program called “Weapons Sharing”. Thanks to Obama’s astute ‘diplomacy’ skills, Turkey has been kind enough to lend us the storage space to house many of NATO’s (America’s) nukes. Currently, Turkey is housing upwards of 90 of these nuclear weapons in a facility in this airport.


US to keep nukes in Turkey