Turkish Civil War

US Charter Schools and Muslim Cleric

FBI investigates S.T.E.M. Charter schools

Harmony Charter Schools

Islam link to Charter Schools

Gulen : Imam behind charter schools

Turkish Purge (Read 8th paragraph!)




What is really going on in Turkey’s Civil War?
Two Muslim factions are fighting each other for control.

Obama’s friend Tayyip Erdagon is the recognized ruler of Turkey. These two gentlemen are also NATO allies. Erdogan is known for having ties with the Muslim brotherhood. Endrogan ties to Muslim Brotherhood

Fethulllah Gulen is a Muslim cleric who lives in Pennsylvania. He is the assumed leader of the military coup that occurred on July 16th. He is also the founder of Harmony and Magnolia STEM charter schools in America. Reports have been leaking for some time now that these schools are front organizations for radicalizing American school children, into Gelen’s cultish version of Islam. American parents believe they are giving their children a leg up in academics at these schools. They have no idea what is really going on. These charter schools are taxpayer funded, and largely employ H1 B workers from… you guessed it…Turkey. As stated before, Obama is friends with Erdogan. But it is not uncommon for the United States to lend assistance in both sides in foreign conflicts. Keep in mind that Gelen’s Harmony schools are a huge contributor to Hillary’s campaign. I think Erdagon senses a double cross.Islamic Cleric tied to Clinton Foundation


Erdogan and Gelen are rivals, and Erdogan has stated that Gelen is responsible for Turkish coup, and is demanding Gelen’s extradition back to Turkey.

Erdogan has closed the Incirlik Military Airport in Turkey from American use until Gelen is returned. He is also holding 1500 US servicemen hostage. Mainstream media is telling us that this is the airport that Turkey allows us to use to fight Isis. This however is not the real reason why the closure of this airport is a problem.

US to keep nukes in Turkey

The real reason is the NATO agreement the United States has with Turkey: You see, one of the benefits of being in NATO is the “sharing” of nuclear weapons. Turkey has been kind enough to be the storage facility of many of NATO’s nukes. Currently, Turkey is housing upwards of 90 of these nuclear weapons in a facility in this airport. In short, Turkey is holding these weapons “hostage” until they get what they want from us.

1500 American hostages is Turkey running out of supplies.