Cruz the Quisling

Communist Cuba Ties- Ted Cruz’ father Raphael worked for the CIA in Cuba in the 1960’s. It is unclear if he was a double agent. We do know that during the early 60’s Raphael Cruz worked for the Communists, which he admitted in his own book. He did state that at the time, he did not know they were Communists. Shortly after the JFK assassination, Cruz moved to Canada to work for a Prescott Bush owned Company, Zapata. The CIA admits having a personnel file on Raphael Cruz, but they refuse to release it as long as he is alive. There is speculation that Ted Cruz’  mother renounced her American citizenship before Ted was born. Ted has had his records sealed, so this can not be verified.


D.C Madame, Murder, and SCOTUS – Much of this is raw data, that reflects Montgomery Sibley’s quest for justice. He represented Deborah Palfrey as her attorney. She was known as the DC Madame. She ran an escort service and had information that could compromise many high profile figures in Washington DC. She had phone records from Verizon which  proved the guilt of many of these men. She knew she was in danger. Shortly before she was found hanging by her neck, she told her attorney that she would never kill herself. Her death was ruled a suicide. Mr. Silbey has been on a quest to have these records released, particularly because he says they are very pertinent to the 2016 Presidential election. Unfortunately, Justice Roberts (Ted Cruz SCOTUS best buddy) has put a gag order on these phone records. Now why would Roberts go and do a thing like that?



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