Lyin’ Ted Never Got Out!

There is no way these delagates could be going for Ted unless he is running an active ground game. Remember how he was swooping in after the primaries that he lost, and grabbing uncommitted delagates? He was also getting Trump delegates to defect in the event of a second vote. Trump was doing a good job highlighting how corrupt this tactic is. By “suspending” his campaign, Cruz went off the radar. But he has never stopped his crooked campaign.

Why is this a problem? Because Cruz has a secret deal with key members of the RNC to change the rules at the Convention, to make any delegates Trump has unbound. At which point, Rubio and Kasich will throw their delegates behind Cruz.

You might think these people would never do anything so underhanded, but I would say “You have no idea how low they would go!”

Do I think Trump is on to this? Of course! Not sure what his plan is, but I hope it involves mercilessly exposing the criminal elements of Ted Cruz’ past prior to the convention, and making sure that he ends up behind bars for election fraud, soliciting prostitution, bribing an election candidate (Fiorina), Conspiracy to corrupt a federal judge (SCOTUS Roberts), suppression of evidence in a murder case (DC Madame) and misrepresenting US citizenship in order to defraud American voters.

I have included a link to the original article for easy reading, and screenshots in case it disappears. BE SURE TO READ THE COMMENT SECTION! CRUZ SUPPORTERS ARE VERY OPEN ABOUT THEIR PLANS!

Ted Cruz takes 40 of Trumps 41 delegates.





















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