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  1. Incredible, Liberty Vibe, that Zuckerberg has a mentality rate of that of a donkey’s ass, or even that of a male cardinal (known to be an incredulously stupid bird). I think, though, by the way that person posted his “rant”, opinion, whatever you want to call it, is just his “F” bombs at Trump and calling us supporters that racist ranting of his; but his “hashtag”, used with the #, is what got your interest, and maybe because of Facebook’s reply to you were meant solely towards the “F” bomb rants and name calling, not the hashtag on Trump. Just speculating about that. Still, it is a communicable threat, no matter how you use it, hashtag or not, it is a threat to personal life. Zuckerberg ought to be ashamed of himself, called out on it, and dealt with for that. Trump could very well sue the CEO for allowing all of this to go on. I wouldn’t blame him one bit, in fact, I’d encourage it.


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