New York Values..Getting it Right!

First, I will take a moment to congratulate Donald J. Trump and to thank New York state for putting Ted Cruz in his proper place.
Something happened in the New York primary that is being grossly under reported: Early in the morning, reports were trickling in of voting machines being broken, and voters being turned away. Thousands of Democrat voters were accidentally left off the rolls, and not allowed to vote. It was also reported that a high percentage of Republican ballots were misprinted, and Donald Trump was left off the ballot.
If you missed Ted Cruz’ interview with Sean Hannity yesterday, he would call my pointing this fact out “whining”. But I would like to point out to lyin’ Ted that it does indeed matter:
If every Democrat that wanted to vote were allowed to vote, Bernie probably would have won the New York State Democrat Primary. That is a big deal.
If Donald Trump’s name had been on every ballot, he most likely would have received all of the NY delegates, instead of losing some to John Kasich. This could be a very important issue if the delegate count count comes down to the wire in Cleveland.
But there is a more important reason to consider: The Voter.
Every voter that was disenfranchised yesterday might as well have been mugged. Hillary and Ted don’t care about the voters. They operate by the Machiavellian principle of “The end justifies the means”. It doesn’t matter how they win or who they step on in the process, as long as they take care of themselves…a character trait that I am sure will carry over into their administrations, should they get the opportunity.
Although I adamantly oppose Sander’s political philosophy, I still support free and honest elections that allow for people to vote for him if they choose.
New York is unique in that it has experienced something that many of us in this country know nothing about. It knows what the consequences of tyranny look like, feel like, taste like…deep down in their soul. It is the kind of trial that makes a grown-up out of a person.. which is why I applaud New York City’s Comptroller, Scott Stringer and his decision to audit of the Board of Elections. This should be happening in every state where fraud is being reported. The citizens should be demanding it.
These are New York values. They should be American values. I truly hope the rest of the country doesn’t have to go through what New York did, before we choose to grow up!



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