Trump throws us another nugget to chew on…

Ever since Trump discharged his first projectile at the Republican debate last summer, vis-a-vis Megyn Kelley/political correctness, he has been reviving America from a 30 year coma.

His method has been very effective: He throws politically incorrect truths out into the public forum, like chunks of juicy meat for us to feast on. These “chunks” are outrageous indeed, and oh so delicious for those who have been starving for truth!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane… “Immigration is killing this country”. How about: “The Syrian Migrant crisis is Europe’s trojan horse”. Then there was “The Iran deal is a disaster”.  Or “Any idiot would have at least got our four hostages back”. Funny, I wonder if Obama would have ever bothered with those hostages, if Trump hadn’t pushed so hard?

Trump throws these truth nuggets out to get us to think. When he does, the media is outraged! Those in the know just smile, and praise Jesus! Then, it always reveals itself in the end…Trump was right!

The most recent nugget is Trump’s comment on NATO.  He mentioned that our relationship with the orgaization has become obsolete, and should be reevaluated. Well folks, we are still in the outrage stage. Ted Cruz can always be counted on to pimp out any situation into a self serving opportunity. No one is off limits by the way…not even Christ.

Here is an article from The Wall Street Journal:

A brief NATO primer: NATO  was originally created as a defense coalition to protect nations of the world from what was then Communist Russia. The organization hasn’t  been reevaluated  since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1988. Somehow, we are to believe that Trump is unreasonable because he wants to reconsider this.

NATO nations are called to back one another up if one of them is attacked. Turkey is now part of this coalition. Russia of course, is not. Turkey is a nation that harbors terrorists, including Isis. Currently, Turkish terrorists are pressing into Russia. Unlike the US, Russia does not want ANY terrorists in it’s country, and will defend itself. If Russia attacks Turkey, Turkey can call on the US via NATO, to fight against Russia , in order to advance and assist the Islamic terrorists in their cause against Russia.  Trump knows this. Trump loves America. Ted knows this. Ted is evil.

This one single issue could absolutely destroy America if it is mishandled. Trump is the only one who wants to put America first.